Smart SCORE is an optical score evaluation system for 10 m air weapons. With Smart SCORE traditional 10 m ranges are easily upgraded to up-to-date electronically evaluated shooting ranges.

Download Users manual, PDF format (2,7MB)

Two types of central units are available:

The Smart SCORE Cerberus handles three lanes. It contains no moving parts.

Key benefits

  • Traditional paper targets can be used

  • No special sensors

  • No need for substantial investment

  • Easy to install, highly mobile system

  • Standard CAT5 cableing

  • Comprehensive software solution to integrate multiple units

  • All results are printable

  • Ability to use laser printers for cost effective printing of results


The versatile Smart SCORE Hydra handles ten lanes plus one operator terminal and one beamer in a single box.

Individual Smart  SCORE central units can be integrated into a single system via LAN and can be controlled from the operator terminal of any
Smart SCORE Hydra unit in the system.

Strongly encrypted channels and a carefully chosen authentication scheme rules out any tempering with the results.

System description


The system consists of special dual video cameras, simple audio sensors to detect shots, keypads, a central unit and standard displays.

The individual components of the system are connected by standard CAT5 cables providing unparalleled flexibility at installation.



Installation is easy, after assembling the system and aiming the cameras the system is ready to use. The system achieves high accuracy without need for any complicated calibration process. Since individual units of the system are connected with standard CAT5 cables available at any computer shop tailoring of the system to a particular range is easy and cheap. The sophisticated evaluation software ensures high flexibility with respect to the placement of the camera.



Once a shot is detected the system evaluates it and displays the score. The fully vector graphical display engine provides many different zoom and display modes.

A simple but powerful menu system gives complete control over all aspects of the evaluation process and working modes of the system. Using the four push buttons of the keypad the user can navigate the menu system.

The most frequently used functions to control the display modes are accessible directly by a few keystrokes.

The supervisor software provides simultaneous control of the installed lanes. Logical and userfriendly interfaces make routine tasks from keeping track of shooters to creating final result lists easy. The software provides real time information on the status of all installed lanes. All shots are instantaneously stored in the database and displayed on the configurable projector/spectator display.